To Do list for February!

If you wish to participate in the Round Robin quilting fun, you need to bring your completed middle block to the February meeting, inside a paper bag  with extra fabric and notes on preferred colors.

Sit and Sew will be held on January 21st to work on cutting fabric for the string quilts.  Bring a potluck item to go with the soup that is provided.

The BOM will be rolled over to our February meeting so that everyone that wanted to participate can bring their blocks in.  See the BOM tab above.

December Meeting

Block of the Month for Dec/Jan is Party Hats.  See the BOM tab above for more information.

Next Saturday’s Sit and Sew will be held to complete a PORTABLE IRONING STATION.  The following is needed to make your own.

1 wooden TV tray

A piece of cotton fabric cut to measure 3 inches larger than the TV tray

2 pieces of batting with the same measurements as the fabric above

1 piece of Insul-Brite Mylar/Poly Batting 3 inches larger than tray

1 piece of Thermalam Fusible Fleece 3 inches larger than tray

2 yards of cording 3/8 inch or thicker

2 pieces of cotton fabric for pockets 9″ X 18″ and 6″ X 18″

Please have your fabric cut and ready to assemble when you come to the sit and sew.

You will also need thread to match your project, a sewing machine,  and shears.

Charm Squares

Since many at the last meeting expressed interest in participating in the charm square exchange, here is some info-
Bring 24 5-inch squares in a plastic bag with your name on it. This requires a 1/2-yard cut or 2 fat quarters. During the meeting your squares will be assorted with all the other ones and you will go home with 24 squares that are a combination of all the squares that people brought. The more people that participate, the more variety you will go home with.
July theme is ocean blues and sandy tans.
Here’s the list for the rest of the year-
August- pastel polka dots
September- pumpkin prints
October- burgundy and gold
If you have any suggestions for next year’s monthly themes please let me know.

July 2016 Meeting

The July 2016 Block of the Month is Mother’s Choice.  Click on the Block of Month Tab for instructions.

Elections: Roster lists 36 members.  We have quorum tonight.

Our new officers are:

President: Teresa

Vice President: Julie

Secretary: Karen

Treasurer: Anne Plante

Charm Squares: Anne K. has been doing charm squares, but there is very little participation, only one or two people.  Discussion of ending Charm Square exchange if there is no interest.  Decided to give it another 2 months and see if participation increases. Theme for next month is blue and tan (ocean and sand colors).

Fall Festival: Table runners needed.

Member Concerns: Kathy expressed her gratitude to the guild members for support during this difficult time.  Julie thanks everyone for coming to the wake dinner.

Email Distribution List: people have been using old roster/distribution list.  If you have something you want to send out, “reply to all” from one of Karen’s emails or send to Karen for distribution.

Fall Retreat: Supplies – irons, ironing boards, tables, etc. Januari has the pvc pipes and iron table covers.  Irons and extension cords are at squad.  Someone needs to sign up to bring that stuff.

Meals – Friday Lunch and Saturday Dinner still open for sign-ups. Once we have names, Anne P will email everyone to coordinate different dishes.  Need to make sure we have dish soap, towels, ladles, etc.

Paper products – Julie has a trunk-load of paper products donated. Needs help unloading from car tonight.

Registration Forms on the back table. Anne P will send Karen an electronic copy to email out.  Teresa is collecting money; talk to her if you need a payment plan.  Last payment date is Sept. 9

Come and have fun! Suggested packing list is in packet

Welcome to 2016!

For the February meeting please have your secret sister form ready for those that wish to participate!

Our block of the month is called Cathy’s Block (see details in the BOM tab)

Charm squares are lime green and royal blue prints!

If you are wishing to make the sweatshirt jacket please have the following ready

A sweatshirt a size larger than what you normally wear that does not have raglan sleeves.  taken apart and all ribbing removed.

8 different half yard fabrics cut into 2 inch strips

2 3/4 yards fabric for the lining

1/2 yard or more if you need longer sleeves or longer jacket of binding fabric

Thread to match

chalk pencil

basting spray

3 to 4 large buttons

1/2 yard of cotton batting to lengthen the jacket


September Meeting

For the September meeting we are going to do something a little bit different than usual for our Block of the Month!  Anyone wanting to participate will make a table runner.  For each runner you get your name put into a drawing.  The winner of the drawing will be able to choose from all of the table runners donated at the meeting.  The more runners you make, the greater your chances!  Sounds like fun!